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Types of Birds

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Different Types of Birds and their Characteristics

You have all seen and heard of emu, penguin and ostrich. These are birds that do not fly. These birds have bodies which make it difficult for them to be lifted and for them to fly.

Birds with Short, Strong and Hard Beaks

Birds like sparrows, pigeons, and hens have short and hard beaks as they feed on grains and seeds. Their beaks help them to crack open their food.

Birds with Strong, Pointed and Hooked Beaks

Birds like eagles, vultures and hawks have strong pointed and hooked beaks as they eat the flesh of small animals and need to tear the flesh. These birds are called birds of prey.

Birds with Strong, Sharp and Heavy Beaks

Birds like the woodpecker have chisel-shaped beaks, these beaks help the woodpecker poke holes in tree trunks when it is looking for insects to feed on.

Birds with Flat and Broad Beaks

Water birds like ducks, geese and swans have flat and broad beaks with tiny holes on either side. These birds take in water along with insects, plants and worms. The food is held on to by the bird and the remaining mud or dirty water passes out through the holes like a strainer.

Long and Slender Beaks

Birds like the sunbird and the hummingbird have long slender beaks to suck nectar from flowers. The hoopoe uses its beak to pull out insects from holes in trees or in the ground.

Activity :
Become a bird! Use different objects around the house like chopsticks, a spoon, tweezers or a toothpick; to pick up various kinds of food like beans and rice. Now, drop them in a cup, which can serve as your ‘stomach.’ Which beaks were most suitable? Which food was the easiest to pick up?

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