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Anaconda – The World’s Largest Snakes

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

There are many reptiles on this earth. Of all the reptiles the most commonly found ones, in all shapes and size, are Snakes. Amongst them, there is one snake which is the largest in the world- the Anaconda. The name Anaconda is used to name a group of snakes, but usually it refers to only one species of Anaconda; i.e.; the common Green Anaconda or Eunectes murinus, its scientific name.

Where do Anacondas Live?

They are the largest and heaviest snakes on earth. They are usually found in damn places, commonly seen in the tropical rain forests, lakes and swamps of South America. They are found in large numbers in near the Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

Types of Anacondas

There are 4 types of Anacondas but they are difficult to find because they hide in the water. The Green Anaconda is the largest specie. The Yellow Anaconda is a small specie, found in southern Brazil, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. Then there is the darkly spotted anaconda which is a very rare species. The Bolivian Anaconda is the most recently found species.

Special Features of Anaconda

  • Family : Anacondas belong to the Boa Constrictor family. Anacondas like to live alone. When in danger they escape beneath water- this is their defense mechanism.
  • Length and weight : Considering both- the length and weight these snakes can reach up to a length of 30 feet. They can weigh up to 227 kilograms, almost the weight of 11 children together.
  • Color and what they eat : Anacondas are usually green in color; they have white marks on their sides and two rows of black spots on their backs. They eat animals like frogs, toads, fish, birds, ducks, wild pigs, small crocodiles and turtles.
  • Face features : Anacondas have their eyes and nostrils on top of their heads. So it helps them to look out for their prey while their entire body is underneath the water. Anacondas give birth to 24-35 young ones at a time.

5 Amazing Anaconda Facts

  1. Hunting for anaconda is both- legal and illegal. They are hunted for their skin which is an illegal pet trade.
  2. Most snakes are killed because people are afraid of them or dislike them.
  3. Anacondas are difficult for scientists to study and find because they are extremely quiet snakes and leave no trails. Also because they spend most of their time under water.
  4. When anacondas get small meals they can eat up to 40 pounds of food every day.
  5. Anaconda spends most of its time underwater than on the ground, so that it is easier for it to move around, as its huge size seems less bulky under water.