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Inside a Cricket Ball

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What is a cricket ball made of?

A cricket ball is made up of layers of yarn wounded around a cork core. All this is inside a red or white colour leather shell. Cricket balls are entirely made up of organic material.

What makes the cricket ball swing?

Six rows of stitching and a raised seam gives the cricket balls unique qualities which make them spin, cut and swing.

The cork core gives the ball its shape and density. This core is then wounded with twine layers which gives flexibility to the leather surface. The leather surface provides durability but changes during the course of the game due to usage. The seam is hand stitched on the leather parts from both hemispheres. The seam on the leather surface provides the bowler with some control over the ball, helping with the swing and spin. The final ball is sprayed with nitrocellulose lacquer giving it the required colour of red or white.

Conditions of a ball

The condition of the ball is very important during the game. There are certain ways to clean the ball, polish or dry off the mud from the ball. The condition of the ball deteriorates during the course of the game. Only one ball can be used during the game. If the ball is damaged or lost then it can be replaced by a ball of the same condition.

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