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Touch Screen Smartphone

Where am I? | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Holy Moly! Where am I?

Aaarrrggghhh!!! So bright light…

Swipe… a different screen… so many apps and games here!

Ouch! Was this electricity that just poked me?

Hmm… I think I am inside a touch screen smartphone!

Inside a Touch Screen Technology

The touch detection part of a smartphone is made up of two sheets of extremely thin glass and a bunch of skinny, transparent wires. The top sheet of glass or plastic film is for you to touch and safeguards the phone. The second sheet of glass has wires, made of indium tin oxide, running over it in a grid pattern called electrical conductors. There are hidden sensors around the edge that are important for touch detection. The wires, on one side are hooked up to the battery’s positive side and on the other side to the battery’s negative side. There are electric fields that run along the intersection of the opposite charging wires and they are strengthened by the charge of your finger when you touch the screen.

When you press or push down on the surface, the plastic film makes contact with the glass to complete a circuit.

Who invented the Touch Screen Smartphone?

Did you know that the idea of touch screen was first developed in England in the year 1965 by E.A Johnson.