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Inside Venus Flytrap

Where am I? | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

It’s red! It’s sticky!

It has hair inside… It’s dark and scary!!!

Oh God… where am I?

Oh dear Lord! I am inside the speed demons of the plant world- the Venus Flytrap!

What happens Inside Venus flytrap?

The Venus Flytrap has a reddish interior and small nectar-secreting glands on the rim which make the insects think they have found a flower. Inside the jaw of the Venus flytrap there are four to six short, stiff hairs on the trap surface. These are known as trigger hairs and they are the ones that detect any sort of motion on the plant surface. When an insect or a spider lands inside the trap surface, if two of these hairs are brushed together or one hair is touched twice- the Venus flytrap leaves shuts in less than half a second.

What happens to the trapped insect?

The plant secretes a juice which helps it digest the insect. It consumes the nitrogen from the insect body.

3 Interesting Facts about Venus Flytraps

  1. It lacks the brain to tell that it is biting on something inedible.
  2. Whatever is trapped inside, the plant cannot spit it out.
  3. The trap hair transfers mechanical energy into electrical energy when an insect is finally trapped.