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Cobras Facts

General Knowledge | 6-13 yrs | Animation, Video

16 Amazing Facts about Cobras

  1. Cobras are one of the most feared snakes in India.
  2. Cobras are worshipped in many Indian religions – known to be one of the Avataars of Gods.
  3. They are known for their threatening hood at their neck which they spread out when they feel threatened or angry. This hood is made up of flaps of skin attached to long ribs.
  4. Due to their striking pose, even when they lift their heads high up off the ground to search for food, they look scary. Especially when they hiss loudly to scare off potential predators.
  5. The cobra is found more in hot tropical climates- like the Philippines, Southern Asia and Africa.
  6. With more than 270 species; they are usually brown, brownish-black or a dull grey and their venom fangs are half an inch long.
  7. The largest cobras found are the King Cobra.
  8. They are found on land, trees and also in water in tropical climates of Asia.
  9. They generally have a life span of 20 years.
  10. The King Cobra preys on lizards, birds, rodents and even on other snakes. Baby Cobras itself have a length of 18-22 inches.
  11. The smallest cobras are the Mozambique Spitting Cobras.
  12. The spitting cobra can spray venom upto more than 1.8 meters, or 6 feet. They have such perfect aim that they will spit venom straight into the eyes of their prey.
  13. Cobras have excellent night vision and detect their prey with their keen sense of smell.
  14. Their jaws are flexible allowing them to open up the mouth really wide to swallow their prey easily.
  15. Their metabolism is so slow that they need to eat every couple of months.
  16. Cobras are used by snake charmers because they respond well to visual cues. These charmers specialize in getting the Cobra to rise up and “hood-out” to please tourists.

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