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Roger Federer Biography

Sports | 9-12 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Who is Roger Federer?

Roger Federer is a tennis professional athlete and multi-world-record holder. With a total of 6 Australian open wins, 1 French open win, 8 Wimbledon wins, and 5 US open wins, Roger Federer’s name is etched into the history of the sport of tennis. He is a versatile player who is able to play on Clay, Grass and Hard courts with ease.

Where did he grow up?

Federer was born in 1981 in a small town near Basil, Switzerland called Binningen to a Swiss father and a South-African mother. He was first attracted to tennis when his childhood idol Boris Becker won his first title in 1985.

How did Roger Federer get into the sport of tennis?

Roger began playing tennis early and by age 10, the extremely talented player began to take group lessons at The Old Boys Tennis Club. The coach and club saw so much potential in him that the club partly funded private lessons. Having outgrown the coach and club by age 14, he moved on to the Swiss National Tennis Centre where he received training that turned him into the pro he is today.

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