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Need for Speed

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Propeller & the Speed of the Spaceship

Edo was lying on a makeshift roof, soaking the sun when his friend Anil came to him.

“What are you up to Edo?” asked Anil

“Was just soaking the sun. It is never this warm in Celia,” answered Edo. He continued, “We need to start looking for the parts of my spaceship.”

As Anil was about to answer Edo, they heard a cycle bell sound.

Everyone gathered around the cycle and was talking about something.

“Let’s see what’s going on,” suggested Anil.

When they got downstairs, they saw the local goon Jaggu dada on his cycle. In front of the cycle was a shining dome like structure. People were asking Jaggu dada – Where did you get it from?

“I bought this at the seconds market in Dharavi for a steal. It makes the cycle look great,” saying this, he left.

One of the bystanders said, “He must have stolen it from someone. I am sure.”

“That was some light!” said Anil.

“That isn’t a light. It is a propeller. It increases the speed of my spaceship. He stole it from my spaceship. Or bought it from someone who did,” said Edo

“We must find a way to get it back. But everyone is afraid of him,” said Anil.

As soon as Anil said this, they saw Jaggu Dada bashing the barber for asking him to pay. “See, I told you. Everyone is afraid of him.”

Edo went to Jaggu dada and said “Don’t trouble him. He only asked for the money he deserves.”

“Who are you? And why should I listen to you?” said Jaggu dada smugly

“My name is Edo. I am from Celia.”

“Celia? I know that is a village in some godforsaken part of India. I am going now and you can’t do anything to stop me,” saying this Jaggu Dada left.

Anil ran up to Edo and said, “You are lucky he didn’t hit you, Edo! Now what?”

Edo said, “At the end of the day he will come and give the barber the money and also the propeller. All I need is my locket.”

Edo opened his locket to a small visual display and pressed the orange button on it.

They saw Jaggu dada cycle, take a somersault and travel at full speed. He was screaming in horror while his cycle crashed into a garbage can. From the other end Jaggu Dada came out with a banana peel on his head.

Seeing all this Anil started to laugh hysterically. Edo said, “Time for some cleaning up.”

Jaggu dada on the cycle knocked down a ladder and a man was left hanging in the air holding a pole. The man was painting a signboard, and the paint bucket fell on Jaggu Dada.

Edo maneuvered the cycle to the local mattress market. The feathers laid out to fill the mattresses flew because of the speed of the cycle. What came out of the market, was Jaggu dada on a cycle with feathers all over him.

Jaggu Dada was shocked at the whole scenario.

Shouts – How is the cycle travelling so fast?

It was all because of the propeller which was in front of the cycle.

The last stop was Ambar Villa. The cycle came right in front of the barber and stopped. Edo and Anil came downstairs and saw a feathered and shocked Jaggu Dada. The bystanders were just as surprised to see him like this.

Edo spoke, “Now, can you please pay the barber his money.”

Jaggu Dada fumbled and took out his wallet. He gave all the money he had to the barber. He said, “Take everything. Leave me alone, please!”

Edo said “I would need that “light” in front of your cycle please.”

Jaggu dada gave the light to him and fled Ambar Villa.

The crowd cheered and Edo was declared a hero.

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