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Charlie and Captain Jackpot

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

The Ghost of Captain Jackpot

On a sunny afternoon in Goa, Charlie was sitting in the shade counting his day’s earnings.

He was a hardworking boy who was a homeless orphan.

As the night fell, Charlie retired to his sleeping place- the graveyard. The dead never scared him. He was a brave boy who found peace at the place where souls rested.

On one fateful night, as Charlie lay down to sleep, he began to count the stars; as he couldn’t sleep. He started, “1…2…3…4…5… umm… 7.”

A voice interrupted and said, “You forgot 6, mate.”

Charlie said, “Right! Thank you. 6.. 7.. Wait a minute! Who said that?”

A dust storm and flashes of lightening jolted Charlie. When the dust cleared, a man dressed as a sailor stood in front of him and said, “I am Captain Jackpot! Well, actually, his ghost. I have been at rest for 150 years. I died an unfair death at the hands of the czar who I trusted and my soul hasn’t been at rest.

God told me that I will find salvation when a human being hears my voice. So here I am! Now let us not waste time. It’s been 150 years and I need to stretch my arms.”

Charlie had no option but to follow him. Everything was happening so quickly that he didn’t have a chance to think.

“What is that?” asked the surprised Captain Jackpot.

“That? That’s a scooter,” replied Charlie.

“Oh, it is! You see, I have only travelled in a ship,” said Captain Jackpot and he continued, “We must take a ride!”

“But it’s not mine. We can’t. It will be stealing,” said Charlie.

“We will return it. Hop on!” said Captain Jackpot.

Charlie said, “You need to slow down. You are a ghost and I don’t wish to be like you anytime soon!”

“Relax, Charlie! I have got this,” assured Captain Jackpot.

They saw three thieves mugging a couple. Captain Jackpot stopped the scooter and said, “Bigimee bammot! They must be punished!”

Captain Jackpot slapped one of the thieves. The thief asked the other one, “Did you just slap me?”

“No! Just take the loot and let’s go!” replied the thief.

Captain Jackpot slapped the thief again. This time the thief hit the other thief back and the two started to fight. The third thief, who had witnessed the fight, came to break the fight and Captain Jackpot made him trip. He fell on his face and broke his nose. The two thieves continued to fight each other with the third one groaning in pain.

“Take that! And that!” said the first thief to the other.

Captain Jackpot rushed to the nearest police station while Charlie helped the tourist couple. Captain Jackpot picked up the gun of the inspector and the inspector froze. Captain Jackpot took the gun slowly out of the door, with the inspector in hot pursuit of his gun. After running for a while, Captain Jackpot dropped the gun on the ground and the surprised inspector picked it up.

While turning back, he heard a commotion at a distance and went to investigate. He found the thieves fighting and Charlie, helping the tourist couple. He also saw a third thief holding his nose and crying. He caught the thieves and helped the tourists. Charlie was given some reward money by the couple.

“Let’s have our adventures, Charlie. All aboard?” asked the Captain.

“Aye Aye, Captain!” replied Charlie.

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