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Jojo Story – It’s Magic!

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Jojo becomes Invisible

“Oh, what a beautiful morning it is!” said Jojo loudly.

Karan, who was walking by over heard Jojo and sniggered. “What is so good about the morning, Jojo?”

“My grandfather gave me a cloak that has been passed down to him through generations. Legend has it, if one wears it, one becomes invisible!”

“Rubbish! You really expect me to believe that? Why don’t you pick someone else to be the fool of the day, Jojo?” said Karan.

“You don’t believe me? Here, wear these yellow colored glasses so you can see me when I wear the cloak. And let me show you how other people won’t be able to see me,” said Jojo.

Jojo wore his cloak and went about the class which had a couple of students sitting in a corner eating candy. Jojo stood right next to Arun and took one candy.

Arun exclaimed, “Hey! Where did my candy go? Nikhil! You must have taken it!”

Nikhil explained, “I did not! I have my own. Why would I take your candy?”

Arun said again, “Do you see anyone next to me? You are the only one!”

Karan began to wonder, “Is he really invisible?”

Jojo rushed to the door of the class and put out his feet. Rahul entered the class and tripped. While everyone started to laugh, Rahul scratched his head in confusion.

“What’s the matter Rahul, can’t you see?” asked Karan.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t think I can. I really felt someone tripped me!” explained Rahul.

Karan was extremely amused at the things Jojo could do with his power. He started to believe him even more. Jojo started dancing in the middle of the class and no one noticed. Karan started to laugh hysterically at the dance and Nikhil said, “Give it a rest Karan! Rahul fell, we laughed, the joke is over. What are you still laughing at?”

Jojo went out of the class and came back without the cloak. He went straight to Karan and asked him “Well, do you believe me now?”

“Yes, I do! I need the cloak for just one day. I will give you Rs. 50 for it!” said Karan.

“I will only give it to you for a single period,” said Jojo.

“Well then, I want it for the Mathematics class. I want to able to cheat on the test easily,” said Karan.

Jojo agreed and Karan paid him the money.

It was time for Math class. While everyone in the class was busy doing last minute revisions, Karan looked relaxed. “You know, you can study as much as you can for the test. I am sure you will do fine without cheating as well,” said Jojo.

Karan ignored Jojo and took the cloak from him. He wore the cloak as soon as the teacher turned around after distributing the question papers and the answer sheets for children. Karan got up and started to walk around boldly, shamelessly peering into his classmates’ answer sheets. Suddenly the teacher roared, “What do you think you are doing Karan?!”

Karan stood still in shock and stuttered, “I… am.. Can you see me?”

The whole class started to laugh and Karan realized that he was the butt of Jojo’s joke again. Everyone in the class in the morning had just played along.

“What do you mean, if I can see you? You think I am blind? Now all you will see, Karan, is detention for the rest of the day!”

Jojo passed the detention room in the afternoon and told Karan, who was sitting by the window, “Sorry Karan! But I did try to warn you. I hope you have learnt your lesson though.”

Karan angrily asked, “And what lesson is that?”

Jojo answered with a smile, “No magic can take the place of hard work.”

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