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Indian National Anthem

General Knowledge | 3-14 yrs | Video, Animation

The Indian National Anthem was composed by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Watch this video to listen to and learn this song which sings of the various communities and geographies of India and the sentiments that bind them together.

In spite of all this diversity, Indians will always stand united in the face of adversities.

Indian National Anthem Lyrics

Jana gaṇa mana adhināyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhātā
Pañjāb Sindhu Gujarāṭa Marāṭhā
Drāviḍa Utkala Baṅga
Vindhya Himāchala Yamunā Gaṅgā
Uchhala jaladhi taraṅga
Tava śubha nāme jāge
Tava śubha āśhiṣa māge
Gāhe tava jaya gāthā
Jana gaṇa maṅgala dhāyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhāta
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he.

Below is a detailed translation of the Indian National Anthem:

Jana-Gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he Bharata-bhagya-vidhata -> O lord of our destiny you are the captain of our souls and of the people of Bharat (India).

Punjaba-Sindhu-Gujarata-Maratha, Dravida-Utkala-Banga -> Your name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindhu, Gujarat, Maratha, of the Dravida and Orissa and Bangla.

Vindhya-Himachala-Yamuna-Ganga Uchchala-Jaladhi-taranga Tava shubhaname jage Tava shubha asisa mage. -> “Tava shubha name jage Tava shubha asisa mage” Your (the eternal charioteer of India) auspicious names echo in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalyas, mingle in the music of Yamuna and Ganga and are chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.

Gahe tava jaya gatha -> They pray for your blessing and sing your praise (unknowingly or knowingly they chant your names and are blessed.)

Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he Bharata-bhagya-vidhata -> “The saving of all people waits in your hand, Oh You dispenser of India’s destiny.”

Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he! -> Victory, victory, victory to You Victory Victory Victory to You (our God of destiny, because you are ruling us, and we are your servants. So you always win)

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