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7 Real Life Superheroes

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

7 Outrageous Real Life Superheroes with Amazing Superpowers!

1. Mister Eat-it-all

Superpower: Can eat everything and anything
Michael Lotito or ‘Monsieur Mangetout’ from France has eaten everything from rubber to glass, bicycles, television and even an entire plane!

2. Ice Man

Superpower: Resistant to cold/ ice
Wim Hof is a human ice cube who doesn’t feel cold at all. He climbed Mount Everest, at a temperature of minus 35 degrees, wearing only a pair of shorts!

3. X-Ray Girl

Superpower: Piercing X-ray vision
Natasha Demkina from Russia is believed to have detected cysts, ulcers and cancers in people just by looking at them with her eyes.

4. Lion Whisperer

Superpower: Can magically play with lions
Kevin Richardson has a unique superpower. Not only lions, but he can play, cuddle, sleep and spend time with cheetahs, leopards and hyenas as well; without the danger of being eaten up.

5. Incredible Insomniac

Superpower: Can stay without sleep… forever!
Ngoc Thai from Vietnam hasn’t slept since 1970! No matter how much rice he eats, or how much work he does or how many sleeping pills he has… nothing can put him to sleep!

6. Battery Man

Superpower: Can survive high voltage without getting hurt
Can you heat a cup of water with your hands without using a microwave or a gas stove? Well, Slavisa Pajkic can. He can light up a bulb, cook sausage and set things ablaze using only his hands!

7. World’s Strongest Man

Superpower: Can rip and bend anything
Dennis Rogers can rip phone books in seconds and bend hammers and frying pans like they are pieces of soft board. He can even stop aircrafts from taking off- all with the strength of his bare hands!

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