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Victoria Memorial Facts

General Knowledge | 6-13 yrs | Animation, Video

Information and Facts about Victoria Memorial

  1. The Victoria Memorial is located in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal.
  2. It was constructed during the British Empire in the memory of Queen Victoria.
  3. The foundation stone of the Memorial was laid down by the ‘Prince of Wales’ in 1906.
  4. It was opened to the general public on 21 December, 1921 by the Duke of Windsor.
  5. There is a beautiful black bronze Angel of Victory holding a bugle in her hand situated at the top of the dome of the Memorial. It is mounted on large ball bearings and rotates with the wind.
  6. The Victoria Memorial, Kolkata was designed by Sir William Emerson.
  7. It represents a blend of Mughal and European architectural styles.
  8. The Victoria Memorial was constructed by Messrs Martin & Co. of Calcutta and the expenditure incurred was more than Rupees 1,50,000,000.
  9. The memorial is massive in its size and stands enclosed within blooming gardens that spread over an area of 64 acres.
  10. Presently, the Victoria Memorial houses a museum, where you can see the memorabilia of Victoria, paintings from the era of British rule and other exhibits like weapons, maps, coins, stamps and textiles of those times.
  11. After India gained independence in the year 1947, a National Leaders Gallery containing the portraits and relics of the freedom fighters was added to the memorial to restore national pride.