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Solve the Mystery : Story

Puzzles | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

The Agarwal Sweets Case : The Mystery Thief

Agarwal Sweets had been open for just one hour. When Yash walked in, he saw a poster announcing a rise in prices. “ I only put the notice up when I opened the shop,” said Mr. Agarwal.

“I had to increase all my prices by 10%, Yash!” he continued.

“Why, Mr. Agarwal?” asked Yash.

“Everything is getting more expensive. Plus, a thief broke the window in the store room and tried to enter my shop last night. I need to get new glass for that window,” Mr. Agarwal explained.

“Come with me,” said Mr. Agarwal as he walked in the store room. “I also use this room like my office. “I sat at this desk and made the poster last night, after I shut the shop.

When I finished, I locked the door. So the thief was stuck in this room and could not get in the rest of the shop.” “That’s lucky,” said Yash. “Yes, but I have a broken window to take care of!” smiled Mr. Agarwal.

When Yash left Agarwal Sweets, he met Anish and Krish playing football by the river. “Heard the news? Someone tried to rob Mr. Agarwal,” he told them.

“No,” said Anish. “We’ve been here since sunrise, so we haven’t spoken to anyone,” he told Yash. “That reminds me. I’m hungry,” said Krish. “I have Rs. 10 left from my pocket money.“

“I’ll just go buy a samosa from Agarwal Sweets,” Krish told the other two. You’ll need another rupee,” said Anish. “I’m going to go home for breakfast.”

“No one’s going anywhere,” said Yash. “I know which one of you is the thief.”

How did Yash know?

Anish must have seen the poster about the price rise when he broke in the store room last night.

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