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Grand Canyon Facts

General Knowledge | 6-13 yrs | Animation, Video

12 Amazing Facts about Grand Canyon

  • The Grand Canyon is located in the US state of Arizona and stretches to Colorado.
  • The Canyon was created by the Colorado River over a 5.4 million year period.
  • The Grand Canyon is about 445 km long and 5000 feet deep.
  • It is the third largest canyon in the world.
  • The Grand Canyon’’s oldest sedimentary rocks date as far back as 2 billion years.
  • Around 3000 million liters of water flow through the Grand Canyon per hour.
  • Garcia López de Cárdenas was the first white man to discover the Grand Canyon in 1540.
  • The floor of the Grand Canyon contains fossil footprints of more than 20 species of reptiles and amphibians; however, no fossilised reptile bones or teeth have ever been uncovered.
  • It is the site of the rare Brady Pin-cushion cactus, discovered in 1958.
  • The different types of rock visible in the Grand Canyon make it an important site for geological research.
  • The Grand Canyon became a national park in 1919. The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the world’’s premier natural attractions, attracting about five million visitors per year.
  • Around 88 species of mammals, 250–300 species of birds, 25 types of reptiles and five species of amphibians all live in the Grand Canyon.

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