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Top 10 Famous Magic Tricks

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Video

List of Famous Magic Tricks of all time

1. Just imagine you are swimming in a pool and floating deep under the water. Suddenly you see someone walking on the water. Who is it? How is he just walking on the swimming pool water? It is Criss Angel, one of the greatest magicians, who is performing his famous trick of walking on the water without any support.

2. David Copperfield’s Death Saw magic trick is shocking but yet fascinating to see. A huge ragged saw made of steel is seen chopping off a human’s body in half. The two parts are separated. And yet they are joined together again and mysteriously the human is unharmed.

3. Would you be able to stand in a block of frigid ice for 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds? That is more than a few days. Blaine in his Frozen Time magic trick performed this stunt in New York City.

4. What is you sneezed and your head fell off? Yes your head falls off from your shoulder. Cyril Takayama had performed this magic trick in front of the live street audience who were left gaping.

5. The magician David Blaine pulls out a couple of your teeth, and you are standing in shock. He then blows at you and whoosh! Your teeth have appeared again and are back where they belong.

6. Paul Daniels had performed a great magic which has the audience glued to the ball, which would be placed in a clear cup and then it would be placed in his pocket. But when he again lifted the cup, the ball was there still. Where ever he took the ball, it would always mysteriously come back to remain under the cup.

7. You light a cigarette, and ignite a flame of fire in your hand. And as you lift the flame, a pigeon mysteriously comes out of your hand and flies away. Maybe the pigeon emerged from the fire? Well we would have to ask William Lance Burton that.

8. Those nasty shoe laces keep opening and you keep tripping. Well there are those self tying shoe laces that with a wiggle of your feet and a jiggle, will magically tie themselves up on their own. Jay Noblezada had performed this trick on the road.

9. Richard Ross had one alarm clock in his small box. But yet every time he would take the clock out, and insert his hand again inside the box; another alarm clock would emerge out.

10. We all need electrical points for a light bulb to light up. But Harry Blackstone Jr had magically shown his audience a light bulb that would light up without being connected to any battery or any plug point. The bulb was even flying in mid air!

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