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Turtle vs Tortoise : Difference and Facts

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Turtles and Tortoises are two kinds of reptiles. They belong to the order Testudinidae. Both the species possess shells.

What is the difference between turtle and tortoise?

Turtles and tortoises have different types of feet and shells. Water turtles have flippers or webbed feet with long claws. They have more streamlined and flattered shells. Turtles live in water. Therefore, they can swim.

Types of turtles

There are different types of turtles. Some of them are African Sideneck Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Box Turtle, Musk Turtle and others.
Tortoises possess stubby, elephant-like feet and heavy dome shaped shells. They are herbivorous creatures and cannot swim. Tortoises dwell on land.

Types of tortoise

Different types of tortoises are Red-footed Tortoise, Russian Tortoise, Leopard Tortoise, Aldabra Tortoise and others.

16 Interesting facts about turtle and tortoise

  1. A group of tortoises is known as a creep.
  2. Tortoises roam around alone. Though some of the mother tortoises protect their nests but they do not take care of their babies.
  3. Tortoise divided into three main parts. The upper part is called carapace, the lower part is known as plastron. The bridge which helps these parts to merge together is considered as the third part of the tortoise shell. Turtle shells also consist of carapace and plastron.
  4. The ribs, the collar bone and the spine of a tortoise lie inside its shell.
  5. Scales present on the carapace are called scutes. They protects the bony plates of the shell from infections and injuries.
  6. The approximate age of tortoises can be determined by counting the growth rings around scutes.
  7. Tortoise living in hot places possesses light coloured shells.
  8. Tortoise can hold its breath for a long period.
  9. Shell of a tortoise is sensitive. It can feel if touched.
  10. Tortoise can smell with its throat.
  11. Sulcatas are one of the biggest tortoises. They are popular pet.
  12. Turtles are cold blooded creatures.
  13. In some species male turtles are born in low temperature. Female turtles are born in high temperature.
  14. Sea turtles possess a special kind of gland. It helps them to remove salt from water they drink.
  15. Leatherback is the largest sea turtle. It may weigh over nine hundred kilograms (2000lb)
  16. Many turtles are considered to be the endangered species.

Learn how to draw a tortoise with the help of this step-by-step drawing video guide, here: https://mocomi.com/how-to-draw-a-tortoise/

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