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Why is Music Important?

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

4 Facts about the Importance of Music in our Life

1. Makes you Friendlier

Builds self esteem as there is no right or wrong in music.
Choirs emphasise working as a group.

2. Makes you Smarter

  • Helps you learn a language as your brain builds connections between the words you sing and the sounds you hear.
  • Builds listening skills.
  • Aids in memory building.
  • Music, like math, fosters spatial intelligence as you learn to form relations between notes.
  • You can change the words of familiar rhymes to your own rhyming words for enhancing creativity.

3. Makes you more Active

Encourages you to dance which improves your motor coordination.

4. Music and Culture

  • Music brings together children of all races to sing various cultural songs.
  • Music makes children curious to know about a song’s origin and culture.
  • Music teaches children about our cultural heritage.
  • Music brings us together at weddings, birthday parties, sports, dances etc.

Get to know the complete History of Music here.

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