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How Do Birds Sit Safely On Power Lines?

General Knowledge | 6-10 yrs | Animation, Video

When electricity passes through the body of an animal or human being, it causes an electric shock. But when a bird perches on an electric wire, electricity passes through the wire but not through the bird and the bird does not get an electric shock.

Electric wires come from a Power Station

We get our electricity from a power station. Electricity passes along wires from the power stations to offices, factories and homes. The force that pushes electricity through the wires is called voltage. Voltage is very high when electricity leaves the power station. To make electricity safe for people to use, transformers and substations are setup to lower the voltage. In some cities, underground cables carry electricity, thus avoiding over head wires.

Do Birds get shocked when they sit on Electric Wires?

Electricity flows at two different voltages. If a bird perches on two wires, of if its body touches an electric pole while perched on the wire, then it makes a path for electricity to flow between two different voltages.

How does a Electric Shock kill a bird?

When electricity passes through something, heat is produces. When a strong electric current flows through a bird, it produces enough heat to cause a bad burn. The shock from the current makes the animals heart stop. Even low-voltage electricity can kill animals and people.

Additional Facts and Information

Most electric power stations burn fossil fuels to drive generators, which create and electromotive force, or voltage, that pushes an electric current through wires. The wires distribute the electric current to homes, offices and factories. Since electric currents will flow between voltage differences, people or animals forming a bridge between an electric wire and another medium will become part of an electric circuit and electricity will flow through them.

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