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Wolf Facts and Information

General Knowledge | 6-13 yrs | Animation, Video

12 Interesting facts about wolves

  1. The wolf is a carnivorous pack mammal of the family Canidae.
  2. Wolves are native to America, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Arctic region.
  3. The wolf is the largest member of his family which includes dogs, foxes and coyotes.
  4. They have a highly developed sense of smell and hearing.
  5. It is the sole ancestor of the dog, which was first domesticated in the Middle East.
  6. The collective name for a group of Wolves is a Pack.
  7. The sound made by a wolf is referred to as a howl.
  8. It is respected by some Native American tribes.
  9. It is a social animal, travelling in nuclear families consisting of a mated pair, along with the pair’s adult offspring.
  10. Wolves walk on just their toe tips.
  11. There are four distinct gray wolf lineages which are the African wolf, the Himalayan wolf, the Indian wolf and the Holarctic clade.
  12. Wolves are an endangered species according to wild life experts.