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The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-13 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Egyptian Civilization and Culture

“I want to learn about ancient Egypt today,” Rohan said.

“It was one the greatest civilizations in history. The monuments and the pyramids continue to stand strong even after 4000 years. Egypt is considered a holy place for Christians as a good amount of the Old Testament happened in Egypt.”

“Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of the continent Africa. In ancient Egypt people used to live around the river Nile. This was because the land around the river was extremely fertile and suitable for agriculture. River Nile is the largest river in the world, Rohan.

Egypt is made of deserts, so without the river life would be very tough. It not only provides water and food but is also important for transportation till today. This is the reason why Egypt is sometimes referred to as the ‘Gift of the Nile.’”

“Egypt existed as two separate kingdoms initially- the north known as the white crown and the south known as the red crown. It was only in 3200 BC that the Pharaohs unified the two parts by conquering it. Their king Menes, was the most important king who also built the capital, Memphis.

Egypt reached the pinnacle of its power during the New Kingdom under the Hittite, Mitanni and the Assyrian empires. After this Egypt fell in the hands of foreigners. After the death of Alexander the Great, one of his generals donned the role of the king but could not manage the kingdom. During the reign of Cleopatra, Egypt became a part of the Roman province.”

“Egyptians were strong mathematicians and scientists. They introduced a system of mathematics, an effective medical system and built ships.”

“Learning about ancient civilizations is always fun! Now I should sleep,” Rohan said.

“Well said, Rohan,” said Sir Dig-a-Lot, as he made his exit.

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