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History of Rome

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Roman Empire and Roman Republic

After Greece it was the time to learn about Rome and Rohan sought the help of his friend Sir Dig-A-Lot.

Sir Dig-A-Lot began, “The history of Rome as we know it spans over 2,800 years. It grew from a small village in Italy to a vast civilization primarily dominant over the Mediterranean region. It is one of the oldest cities to be named in the world. It also is regarded as one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world.”

Rohan said, “It is so fascinating listening to how old this civilization was. I can picture myself there.”

Sir Dig-A-Lot smiled and said, “Who said history was boring now?”

Rohan replied, “That would be me. But that’s history too.”

Sir Dig-A-Lot laughed and continued, “Rome first grew into a republic which means that there were no kings ruling it. All leaders were elected. One of the most notable leaders of the Roman empire was Julius Caesar who was a dictator. He ruled Rome in 45 BC but he was assassinated within a year.

As the Roman empire grew it became increasingly difficult to rule it. So it was divided among the leaders as the Western Roman empire and the Eastern Roman empire.”

“And now Rohan it’s time for your bed again!”

Rohan sighed, “I don’t want to sleep. I want another lesson in history.”

Sir Dig-A-Lot started to walk out of the room and said, “Soon my friend, soon.”

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