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Who Invented the Saw?

Casa & Asa | 6-12 yrs | Video, Animation

A saw is a hand tool mainly used to cut wood. It has a long blade, wire or chain with a serrated edge. There are many different types of saws including hand saws, back saws and frame saws.

Early Mention of Saw

Many stories surround the invention of the saw. One of the earliest discoveries of the saw comes from Ancient Egypt, where there is proof of copper saws being found in unearthed tombs. Saws dating back to the Early Dynastic Period (31st Century BC) have been excavated from tombs. Illustrations on walls also show carpenters using different saws in their construction work.

Roman history speaks of the earliest known sawmill, the Hierapolis Sawmill, which was used to cut stone.

Chinese Legend

According to Chinese legend, Lu Ban – a structural engineer, carpenter and inventor during the Zhou Dynasty, is credited with discovering the saw. After cutting his hand on a leaf with a spiny texture, he was inspired to replicate the serrated edge to create a tool.

Greek Legend

In Greek mythology, Talos created the saw blade after seeing the spine of a fish.