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Sir Richard Branson

Business | 7-13 yrs | Reading Pod

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (July 18, 1950) is a British business tycoon and founder of the Virgin Group. His company portfolio has included companies in the music industry, aviation, beverages, and mobile phones to name a few. He has been knighted by the the Queen of England for his ‘services to entrepreneurship’. Branson is one of the richest men in the world with a net-worth of over $3.9 billion. However, he spends large sums on development projects across the globe and towards promoting peace.


Richard Branson was born to barrister Edward Branson and his wife Eve. He attended private educational institutions but did not fare too well in his academics. Branson claims that dyslexia prevented him from excelling in school but that he overcame this learning disability by focusing on his ability to connect with people in person.

At a young age of 16, Richard started an underground magazine called Student, based out of the crypt of a church. In the magazine he would run advertisements for cheap resales of old records. The led to the eventual success of the magazine and gave him enough capital to start a record shop of his own on Oxford Street in London. A year later, the young entrepreneur bought a country estate which he fit with a recording studio and Virgin Records was born. Through this studio he promoted unheard artists and many big names started their careers there.

By 1984, Virgin had diversified to include Virgin Atlantic Airways which was Branson’s aviation endeavour and from then the company continued to grow with projects in mobile technology, trains, and even sub-orbital space travel.

Through various funds and multiple charitable donations, Sir Richard Branson has touched the lives of numerable people across the world. He uses his network to bring intellectuals and entrepreneurs from across industries to discuss how they can contribute to society. In 2008 he hosted an environmental gathering at his private island in the Caribbean to discuss global warming issues.

He was once referred to as ‘Little Tsar‘ by Margaret Thatcher for his keen involvement in civic politics and polls have suggested that he would be a strong candidate were he to run for the position of Mayor of London.

Further learning

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