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Is it a Fruit or a Vegetable?

Biology | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod, Reading Pod

Difference between Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits grow from the flowers of plants after pollination. Fruits contain seeds unlike vegetables. The other parts of the plant (like stems, flower buds, leaves) grow into vegetables.

Match the Following

  • Potato Grows from the root
  • Broccoli Grows from the stem
  • Spinach Grows from the leaf
  • Cabbage Grows from the leaf
  • Cauliflower Grows from the stem

Tomato –

no no it is not a vegetable which we cook but is actually a fruit. Tomatoes grow after the tomato flower pollinates. But it is cooked like a vegetable!

Mushroom –

it is neither a fruit nor a vegetable as it does not have any roots or seeds. It is a fungus which grows in the dark.

Olive –

it is a fruit as it belongs to the olive tree.

Sweet corn –

it is a vegetable and not a fruit. Corn is also a grain as it is not harvested from seeds.

Cucumber –

it too is a fruit as it has seeds.

Brinjal –

it is a fruit. It too has seeds.

Okra –

mom makes spicy okra and says eat your vegetables. Sorry mom, okra is a fruit. Did you know that they harvest the okra seeds before they are fully grown?

Pepper –

this has got to be a vegetable, you say? Sorry, it is also a fruit.

Pumpkin –

it is also a fruit as it contains seeds. It is cooked like a vegetable.

Peapods –

the peas are the seeds in the peapods, thus making them fruits.

Strawberries –

They are neither vegetables nor fruits. They are an expanded segment of the flower. However, they are eaten as fruits.

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