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How are Diamonds Formed?

Chemistry | 7-14 yrs | Video, Animation

Prologue to Diamonds

Diamond is a mineral of carbon in its most concentrated form. It is composed solely of carbon, the chemical element of fundamental life.

The critical temperature-pressure balance required for carbon to form diamonds is not present worldwide. Diamonds occur naturally in the earth’s mantle (150 kms below the surface) and require extremely high temperature and pressure.

Outer Zone :-

Diamonds formed in the mantle are delivered to the earth’s surface by deep-source lava that pass through the stability zone.

Mantle :-

Diamond stability zone
During volcanic eruptions, chunks of mantle containing embedded diamonds are brought to the surface.

Mantle chunk :-

These chunks are then mined for their precious cargo.

Look around for some lava rock, and you will find a variety of other precious stones in them. Can you identify what they are called, with a little research on Google?

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