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Facts about Microscope – Part I

General Knowledge | 8-14 yrs | Animation, Video

Pliny the Elder, a thinker and philosopher of ancient Rome, wrote of a transparent crystal, that was thick in the middle and tapered at its edges; that made objects look bigger, if you peered through it. He even noticed that you could burn parchment or cloth if you directed rays of the sun through it. Pliny was talking of none other than the magnifying glass.

It wasn’t until after the invention of spectacles that the idea of using lenses to inspect things that are very small caught on. That was how the microscope was invented. The invention of the optical microscope transformed the field of science because it allowed people to examine the world in microscopic detail.

All microscopes are basically carrying out 3 functions—

1. Magnify an object with the help of lenses
2. Light up the specimen (object) being examined
3. Allow you to focus and make the details of this object visible

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