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Why do we fall ill?
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Why do we fall ill?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

What does falling ill mean?

Falling ill is an abnormal condition of the body causing great discomfort and malfunctioning or the organs.

When we say we are healthy, that means we are taking care of a few basic requirements needed to keep fit. These are- exercising, eating healthy, washing hands and keeping our body and environment clean, maintaining personal hygiene and having no addictions.

Causes of Illnesses

A person can fall ill due to various factors. The two types of factors are- intrinsic or internal factors and the extrinsic or external factors.

Intrinsic Factors :

The intrinsic factors include malfunctioning of the body. This can be a genetic disorder or hormonal imbalance or allergies.

Extrinsic Factors :

Extrinsic factors include the external environment like pollution, micro organisms or virus in the environment, dust, unhygienic conditions, and personal habits.

Some diseases like chicken pox or cold can be contagious and get transmitted while some don’t. Some diseases are present from birth also.