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Why do Cats Purr and Knead

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

What is Purring?

That soft, vibrating sound your cat makes is called a purr.

How does a Cat Purr?

A cat’s laryngeal muscles control the closing and opening of the glottis (gap amidst the vocal cords). When the cat breathes, air hits the glottis and vibrating muscles which causes sounds of purring to occur at a frequency of 25 to 150 Hertz.

Why do Cats Purr?

Health Reasons

  1. Purring tends to ease a cat’s pain as endorphins are released, which help in reducing the pain.
  2. Cats tend to lie down and sleep a lot. Purring allows their muscles and bones to get some exercise without much exertion.

To Express Emotions

  1. A kitten could purr to assure her mother it is there.
  2. When you pet a cat, it purrs in happiness like it is singing a song.
  3. Just like a child sucks the thumb when it is not feeling well, a cat might purr to console itself.

What is Kneading?

When a cat pushes its paws alternately and rhythmically against an object, it is called kneading.

Why do Cats Knead?

  1. A kitten kneads against its mother to get milk.
  2. A cat kneads to stretch itself and do some yoga.
  3. Cats knead on grass to search for predators, perhaps.
  4. Cats knead to mark their territory, as their paws release their scent.
  5. Female cats knead to show male cats that they want to mate.
  6. A cat kneads to express happiness on being in its master’s lap.

Cat Sneezing

“Aachoo,” says your cat. You should be worried if it occurs for a few days continuously.

Why do Cats Sneeze?

  1. 12 A cat sneezes when it has respiratory infections like feline herpes virus or feline calicivirus. Other reasons could be feline immunodeficiency virus, Chlamydia (conjunctivitis) or feline leukemia, etc.
  2. 13 A cats sneezes when it is allergic to sprays like cigarette smoke, perfumes, pesticides etc.
  3. 14 A cat sneeze with smelly breath can signal gum and tooth problems.

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