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What is Gravity?

Physics | 7-13 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Gravity Definition

Have you seen a magnet? Gravity is a bit like it. Gravity is a force of attraction between two things.

What or who has gravity?

Anything that has mass, also has gravity.

The earth has gravity, which holds everything close to it. Do you think we have gravity? Yes, we do! Since we have mass, we also have gravity. However, since it is much weaker compared to the earth’s gravity, we don’t notice it. The center of gravity is the point at which an object or person can be balanced.

What influences gravity?

It is influenced by size and nearness. Here’s another question. What keeps the earth moving around the sun? The sun’s gravitational pull. Sir Isaac Newton realized that the same force governed objects on earth and objects in space. So, he came up with the Law of Universal Gravitation.

What is acceleration due to gravity?

The Earth’s gravitational force accelerates objects when they fall. This is the same for every object. So whether you drop a car or a pen, they will gain velocity at the same rate.

Why is acceleration due to gravity the same for all objects?

Although the gravitational pull of the earth on both objects is different, so is their mass. So, the effect that we see, or acceleration, is the same. The earth’s pull makes the objects speed up by 9.8 meters per second, every second.

So, if you drop a football from the top of a building, it will travel at 9.8 meters per second after one second, and go at 19.6 meters per second after two seconds and so on.
One newton is the force of Earth’s gravity on a mass of 102 g (=1/9.81 kg)

6 Gravity Fun Facts –

  1. Gravity influences the growth of plants.
  2. Black holes have the strongest gravitational pull in the universe.
  3. Tides are caused by the earth’s rotation and the sun and moon’s gravitational effect.
  4. The higher an object, the greater its potential energy. In the Middle Ages, there were weapons called trebuchets, using this principle.
  5. Hydroelectricity is created today, using the gravitational potential of water.
  6. Weight is a measure of the force of the earth’s gravity on a body. Calculate your weight on other planets!

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