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What is citizenship?

Civics | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

What is a society?

A society is a large group of people who live together in an organised way.

What is a citizen?

A citizen maybe defined as an inhabitant of a city or town or country, entitled to the rights and privileges of a free person to engage in the society of the city, town or country.

What does citizenship really mean?

A citizenship maybe defined as a recognised/legal member of a sovereign state or nation.

What is the difference between nationality and citizenship?

The nationality of a person, reveals an individual’s place of birth, or the place of origin. A person can be a national of only one place as it is by birth or origin.
On the contrary, citizenship is granted to an individual by the government of the country, when they comply with the legal formalities of the said country. A person in some countries can have dual/multiple citizenships. The Indian Republic does not allow dual citizenship.

What is citizenship education?

Citizenship education maybe defined as educating and training individuals to be aware of their rights (human, civil, judicial), their moral and ethical behaviour towards the country. They are also educated on their social behaviour towards another citizen of the country or towards another individual from another country.
A democratic country encourages a citizen to be an important, contributing member of society.

Characteristics of a good citizen

A good citizen should be :

  • Respectful to his community and the civic rules of society
  • Give back to the community and country
  • Educate and help encourage education