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What does NASA Stand For?

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Space ships, rockets, floating in zero gravity, gigantic Super planets, the possibility of alien life and such! What do you thing of when you hear all this? Definitely not Non sense but, NASA!

NASA Full Form : National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

What is NASA?

NASA is a government agency of the United States which is responsible for the space related research and is also responsible for the space programs involving civilians. It was established by president Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958.

A Brief History of NASA

NASA is actually a predecessor of another United States organization called NACA which stands for National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics. This space agency was formed in 1946 with the aim of experimentation with rocket planes and the challenge to launch artificial satellites in space which took place unsuccessfully with projects such as ‘Project Vanguard’.

The Soviet became the first to launch an artificial satellite in space named as ‘Sputnik 1’ after which the government’s focus shifted on making their own space research a successful expedition! A tough competitor is always a motivation!

Fearing that the Soviets could be dangerous for the American national security and fearing their technological dominance, the American Congress persuaded for a new agency to succeed the ongoing NACA which would be responsible for all the non- military activity in space. July 29, 1958 saw the formation of NASA which has, since then, grown.

NASA-Kennedy Space Center

  • Formed on July1,1962, Kennedy space center comes under the jurisdiction of the US federal government.
  • Located in Merritt Island, Florida.
  • Falls under the parent agency of NASA.
  • Responsible for the Saturn V, which is the heaviest vehicle used in the famous Apollo mission.
  • NASA space center is named in the honor of then president John F. Kennedy since he was the one who proposed the making of this space center.
  • NASA space center has been used since then, for every NASA space flight, human or otherwise.

Some of the programs that were carried out here are

  1. Skylab(1973)
  2. Apollo-Soyuz test project(1974)
  3. Space Shuttle program(1981-2011)

3 Amazing Facts about NASA

  1. Any fan of star Trek would love to experience that epic warp drive! News flash guys: NASA is in fact working on such a model that would take the astronauts to the second nearest star to the sun(Alpha Centauri) in just 2 weeks!
  2. A friend is need is a friend in deed. A real life example is that of Neil Armstrong’s friend Dick Day who helped him in secretly slipping his application into the pile of applications as Armstrong’s application was late by week!
  3. Space watch discovered an artificial body near earth in 1991, that has now been listed on the NASA Astrophysics data system as a possible alien probe that was observed in the vicinity of our planet. It’s orbit will bring it back to the earth somewhere around 2016.

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