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What are homonyms?

Why Lingual | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

Homonyms meaning and examples

Em: We are running out of popcorn. We need to get some more.

Emma: I need change.

Em: You can’t just want change. “You need to BE the change you want to see.” That’s what Mahatma Gandhi said.

Emma: Don’t try to show off what you learnt in school yesterday, stupid. I’m talking about money. I need change for hundred bucks, to buy more popcorn.

Em: Don’t call me stupid. How am I supposed to know what you are talking about when ‘change’ and ‘change’ mean the same thing!

Emma: Use your brain. If I say I’ve lost my bat, are you going to think I’m talking about my pet bat? A flying mammal that hangs upside down at night?!

Em: Of course not! I’m not dumb. I know you are too lame to have a cool pet like a bat.

Emma: Who are you calling lame?!?

Reason: Stop fighting you guys. The words you are talking about like ‘bat’ and ‘bat’ and ‘change’ and ‘change’ are homonyms. These words are spelled the same and pronounced the same, but have different meanings. Anyone who is familiar with the English language will know what the word means by putting it in context.

Em: Woah! imagine the confusion of someone trying to learn the language for the first time!

Reason: True. It can get problematic.

Emma: The only problem I see is, we still don’t have enough popcorn and I still don’t have change.