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Weather and Climate : Difference and Comparison

Geography | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Weather and climate are conditions of the environment during a short or a long period of time.

What is Weather?

Weather is the condition of the environment at any time- such as the temperature, cloud cover, fog conditions, air pressure, humidity and precipitation. Today the weather might be sunny with a clear sky and tomorrow there might be clouds and rain.

What is climate?

Climate is a long term pattern of the weather conditions. It is the average pattern of the weather conditions taken over a period of time, say 30 years, for a particular region.

Difference between Weather and Climate

The weather of a particular region keeps changing everyday depending on temperature, rainfall and wind conditions but the climate would show the long term behaviour of the weather in that region. So, weather is similar to your mood on a day and climate is like your overall personality.

What makes up our Weather System?

Sunshine, rain, clouds, winds, snow, floods, lightning, heat waves, snowstorms, blizzards, thunder, dust storms, etc.

Why does the Weather in different regions vary?

The Earth is round. So, the sun’s rays fall unevenly on the Earth’s surface. The polar regions are at an angle where there is little or no sunlight. Result: Extreme cold winters.
The sun’s rays fall directly on regions near the equator. Result: Very warm, almost no winters.
The difference in temperature makes the air and water move in currents. Warm air rises, creating space for more air beneath, while cool air settles down.

What makes up our climate system?

1. Atmosphere

The air we breathe and the thin layer of gases that surround the earth is the atmosphere.

2. Oceans

Almost 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with oceans and they change according to changes in the atmosphere.

3. Land

Geographical features influence weather.

4. Ice

3% of the Earth’s surface is ice which helps in regulating the temperatures.

5. Biosphere

The biosphere is that part of the earth which supports all forms of life.

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