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Vikram Betaal: The Three Sensitive Queens

Vikram And Betaal Stories | 3-12 yrs | Animation, Video

Vikram went back to the tree and mounted Betaal on his shoulders again. Betaal started telling him another story.

The story went like this: King Jaipal had three queens. Each of them was very beautiful, sensitive, and delicate.
One day, the first queen was wounded when a flower from her hair fell on her thigh. Another night, when the king and his second queen were spending time on the terrace, the moonlight burned her skin. The third queen was also no less. Once, she heard someone weeping in the next room, she turned pale and fainted.

Betaal asked Vikram, “Tell me O Wise king! Which among the three queens is most sensitive?” Vikram replied, “The third queen was the most sensitive because in my opinion, those who are sensitive to the suffering of others are sensitive in the real sense of the word.” Betaal was very happy with the answer. He said, “No doubt, you are very intelligent! But, you always make the mistake of breaking your silence. Now, I must fly back to the tree. Goodbye!” Saying this, Betaal flew back to the tree.