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Norway’s Trolltunga Hike

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

I’m on another hike! And what you see behind me is the view from Trolltunga! One of the most scenic cliffs in Norway. I’ve surprised myself again, by undertaking this risky hike up a cliff that is 1100 metres above sea level.

How high is Trolltunga?

Trolltunga is a cliff that juts out horizontally 700 m above the river Ringedalsvatnet in the Odda municipality in Hordaland County, Norway. And the view from up here is simple breathtaking! This is a long hard hike that can only be undertaken from around mid-June to mid-September, because that is the time when enough snow melts. The weather here is humid as this is a coastal area, but they say it sometimes snows in summer, if the winter was hard. My fellow hikers tell me that the cliff was formed nearly 10000 years ago, in the ice age! How awesome is that?!

Troll Tongue : Spectacular Scenic cliffs in Norway

To hike here, you have to be in really good shape and you also have to be a good hiker (like I am), because this is one risky hike! No safety railings have been constructed here so as to not harm the natural beauty here, although there are some metal hooks and footholds to help climb down to the actual rock. But the level of difficulty hasn’t kept away determined hikers. In fact, tourist activity has increased greatly in recent years, from around 500 per year in 2009, to more than 40000 per year today!

This also means lot of work for the search and rescue teams around here. Every year, the search and rescue operations teams are kept busy owing to the hikers who get into serious trouble around here. And with no mobile coverage, their jobs don’t get any easier. As the guides here will tell you, all nature based activities are to be undertaken at your own risk, and there are many risks out here. If you plan to stay overnight, you have to carry your own tent and supplies. And don’t forget to bring a compass!

There are, of course, guided tours that offer relatively safe biking and hiking activities. Best to opt for those if you’re not 100% confident. If you are however, then this is a hike that will most certainly get your adrenaline pumping. And if the hike isn’t rewarding enough, the view most certainly is!