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The Wave, Arizona

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Check it out..! I’m in Arizona, Utah and the beautiful landscape you see around me is called “the Wave”.

Sandstone Rock Formation Arizona, United States

Up until a few decades ago, very few people knew of this beautiful formation. Today however, it is a well-known favorite of photographers and hikers alike. Known for its undulating forms in a myriad of colors, the wave is nothing short of a phenomenon. And like all things phenomenal, it isn’t easy to get here. There’s actually a lottery system that dispenses permits on a daily basis, and on any given day, only 10 of those are given out. Or, you could plan the trip at least 4 months in advance and book permits online. This is done keeping in mind the fragile nature of the formation and is a measure of preservation.

Only 20 people are allowed to visit “The Wave” each day!

To reach this surreal formation where only 20 people a day are allowed, you can take any one of four trails – The White House trailhead, the Buckskin Gulch, the Wire Pass trail and the Lee’s Ferry trailhead. Each of these is scenically beautiful, although, the White House trailhead, being the main entrance, is the most commonly used. None of the trails are marked, again, in an attempt to preserve the natural integrity of this beautiful place, I’m told.

The great Sandstone Wave dates back to the Jurassic era!

The hike itself is fairly difficult but definitely worth it. On obtaining a permit, the visitor Centre also provides hikers with a map of the place and information to make the hike easier. You can also opt for a hike guide if you wish and they’ll give you awesome tidbits of knowledge about the wave, such as the fact that this great sandstone wave dates back to the Jurassic era, i.e. 160-180 million years ago. And that it was formed due to erosion and compression of the Navajo sandstone. My guide also tells me that actual dinosaur footprints have been found here in this region. How awesome is that!

Although the place is beautiful year round, spring and autumn are the most popular times to visit. Me? I’m just super happy to have gotten in on my first visit!