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The Peter Patter Book Of Nursery Rhymes-07

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Captain Tickle had a nickel
In a paper sack,
He threw it in the river
And he couldn’t get it back.
Captain Tickle spent his nickel
For a rubber ball,
And when he cut it open
There was nothing there at all.


O Grandmother Grundy,
Now what would you say
If the katydids carried
Your glasses away—

Carried them off
To the top of the sky
And used them to watch
The eclipses go by?


Needles and pins, hooks and eyes!
I saw a doughnut in the skies.
Flipperjinks the circus clown
Climbed a tree and got it down.


Tassle is a captain,
Tinsel is a mayor,
Tony is a baker-boy
With ’lasses in his hair,
Tipsy is a sailor,
With anchors on his chest,
And Tiny is the baby boy
Who bosses all the rest.


Harry Hooker had a book
And couldn’t find a teacher.
But still he managed very well,
He climbed a box and rang a bell
And turned into a preacher.

Jelly Jake and Butter Bill
One dark night when all was still
Pattered down the long, dark stair,
And no one saw the guilty pair;
Pushed aside the pantry-door
And there found everything galore,—
Honey, raisins, orange-peel,
Cold chicken aplenty for a meal,
Gingerbread enough to fill
Two such boys as Jake and Bill.
Well, they ate and ate and ate,
Gobbled at an awful rate
Till I’m sure they soon weighed more
Than double what they did before.
And then, it’s awful, still it’s true,
The floor gave way and they went thru.
Filled so full they couldn’t fight.
Slowly they sank out of sight.
Father, Mother, Cousin Ann,
Cook and nurse and furnace man
Fished in forty-dozen ways
After them, for twenty days;
But not a soul has chanced to get
A glimpse or glimmer of them yet.
And I’m afraid we never will—
Poor Jelly Jake and Butter Bill.

Read more from the PDF above.

Read these beautiful poems and rhymes for kids. List of the poems included in this poem eBook:

  1. Captain Tickle And His Nickel
  2. Grandmother Grundy
  3. Needles And Pins
  4. A Toe Rime
  5. Harry Hooker
  6. Jelly Jake And Butter Bill
  7. Cut Up A Caper
  8. Eat, Eat, Eat
  9. Hetty Hutton
  10. A Big, Fat Potato
  11. A Bundle Of Hay
  12. Peter, Popper
  13. Old Father Annum
  14. The Tippany Flower
  15. Here Come A Cabbage
  16. Plenty
  17. The Runaways

You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big orange button at the top.

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