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The Peter Patter Book Of Nursery Rhymes-08

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod

The Salesman
Hi! Hi! Who will buy
A wee little cloud for the pretty blue sky?
Some are purple, some are red,
And all are soft as a feather bed.
Hi! Little children, won’t any one buy
One little cloud for the pretty blue sky?

A Race, A Race To Moscow
A race, a race to Moscow,
Before the close of day!
A race, a race to Moscow,
A long, long way!
First comes a butterfly a-riding on a frog,
Next comes a water rat a-floating on a log;
A caterpillar on the fence, a hopper in the hay
Who’ll get to Moscow before the close of day?

A Prince From Pepperville
A prince came down from Pepperville
In satin and in lace,
He wore a bonnet on his head
And whiskers on his face.
And when he came to Battleburg
This is what befell:
He gave the king and cabinet
A half a peanut shell.

Hitch up your cattle
And drive to Seattle
To see all the boats come in,
From Kibi and Kobi
And Panama Dobi
And some from the Islands of Myn.
They’re bringing us rices
And cocoa and spices
And pineapples done up in tin,
And maybe Aunt Dinah
Will come back from China
If ever the boats get in.

Pretty Things
Pretty poppies,
Pretty trees,
Pretty little lettuce-leaves,
Pretty pebbles,
Red and brown,
Pretty floating thistle-down.
Pretty baby,
Curly head,
Standing in a pansy-bed,
Pretty clouds
All white and curled
O the great, big pretty world!

Did You Ever
Did you ever go to the watering trough
And watch the sparrows drink?
Did you ever go to Potter’s pond
And see the divers sink?
Did you ever steal to the barn at night
And watch the hoot-owls think?

Hootem, Tootem, Clear The Track
Hootem, tootem, clear the track!
I caught a coon on Kamiak!
Colonel Clapp and Uncle Rome
Have hired a hack to bring it home.

 Doctor Drake
On a hummock by the lake
Stands the home of Doctor Drake,
Poor old doctor, how he works!
Week by week he never shirks
Pulling teeth for guinea-fowl,
Soothing puppies when they howl,
Whittling out a hickory peg
For a gander’s broken leg,
Giving medicine away
About a hundred times a day,
Linseed oil and elder-bark
To a croaking meadowlark,
Nasty, bitter yarrow-tea
To a tipsy bumble-bee,
A poultice made of plantain leaves
To cure a rabbit with the heaves.
Fever, colic, cramp, or stitch,
Kitten-croup or beaver’s-itch,
Any kind of pain or ache
Is cured by dear, old Doctor Drake.

Come to the land where the babies grow,
Like flowers in the green, green grass.
Tiny babes that swing and crow
Whenever the warm winds pass,
And laugh at their own bright eyes aglow
In a fairy looking-glass.
Come to the sea where the babies sail
In ships of shining pearl,
Borne to the west by a golden gale
Of sun-beams all awhirl;
And perhaps a baby brother will sail
To you, my little girl.

Twenty Thieves From Albion
Twenty thieves from Albion,
All with butcher knives,
Coming on the dead run,
Fighting for their lives.
See the man from our town.
In a fancy vest,
Knocking all the big ones down,
Chasing all the rest.

As I Came Out Of Grundy Greet
As I came out of Grundy Greet
Four cats were marching down the street
One was long and gray and thin
With lots of whiskers on his chin,
And one was round and sleek and fat
(He must have been a butcher’s cat).

As I Came Out Of Grundy Greet
One was dapper, slight, and frail,
With bells and tassels on his tail,
And one had starey yellow eyes
Almost as big as pumpkin pies.
These four came marching down the street
As I came out of Grundy Greet.

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