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The Peter Patter Book Of Nursery Rhymes-04 by Leroy F. Jackson

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Billy Bluebird had a party
In an elder tree,
But the little black-eyed smarty
Didn’t ask us to his party
Neither you nor me.

This is what they had for dinner,
For I peeked to see:
Apple seeds and beetle finner,
And for drink the little sinner
Gave them tansy tea.

But there came an awful clatter
From that elder tree,
When he served them on a platter
Hopper-hash and brick-dust batter
Trimmed with celery!

All the folks were hale and hearty,
Happy as could be;
And that little black-eyed smarty
Left out of his funny party
Only you and me.


I’ve got a yellow puppy,
And I’ve got a speckled hen,
I’ve got a lot of little
Spotted piggies in a pen.
I’ve got a gun that used to shoot,
Another one that squirts,
I’ve got some horehound candy
And a pair of woolen shirts.
I’ve got a little rubber ball
They use for playing golf,
And mamma thinks that’s maybe why
I’ve got the whooping-cough.


Doctor McSwattle
Filled up a bottle
With vinegar, varnish, and rum.
And offered a swallow
To all who would follow
The call of his trumpet and drum.
It’s good, I am told,
For a cough or a cold;
It’s good for a pain in your thumb.


Columbus sailed over the ocean blue
To find the United States.
In three small ships he carried his crew,
And none of the three were mates.

He found a land in the western seas,
And Indians galore,
With jabbering parrots in the trees,
And sharks along the shore.

He filled his pockets with sparkling stones
And took to the mighty main,
With a couple of slaves, some nuts and cones
For the glorious king of Spain.

Now this is the tale Columbus told,
And most of the tale is true,
How he crossed the seas, a sailor bold,
In fourteen-ninety-two.

Read these beautiful poems and rhymes for kids. List of the poems included in this poems eBook:

  1. The Party
  2. I’ve Got A Yellow Puppy
  3. Doctor McSwattle
  4. Columbus
  5. Terrible Tim
  6. What’s The Use?
  7. All Aboard For Bombay
  8. Water
  9. Old Molly Is Lowing
  10. Snowflakes
  11. Dippy-Dippy-Davy
  12. When I’m as rich as Uncle Claus
  13. Rinky-Tattle
  14. Twenty Little Snowflakes
  15. Slippery Slim
  16. The Freighter
  17. No One At Home

You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big red button at the top.

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