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The Great North Indian Haze

Environment | 5-12 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

What is the Great North Indian Haze?

Over the last few years, smog covers major cities in North India, as winter approaches. This is known as the North Indian Haze.

What is causing the Great North Indian Haze?

The North Indian topography acts as a basin that traps air pollution. The cause for the pollution are :

  • Waste burning
  • Exhaust fumes from vehicles
  • Agricultural stubble
  • Unchecked construction and urbanisation
  • Loss of gardens and green spaces

What can we do to reduce air pollution?

1. Use public transportation more often and use energy efficient vehicles.
2. Plant more trees. Some plants are known to reduce air pollution.
3. Conserve energy as much as you can.
4. Convert energy sources to green energy like Solar Energy, Hydroelectricity, Wind Energy.
5. Use recyclable products so wastage that is burnt, is less.
6. Avoid burning plastic to get rid of them, it releases very toxic chemicals into the air.
7. Minimize or do not use aerosol sprays.

Have a discussion with your friends on what each one of you do that could be contributing to pollution.

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