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Tea Party

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Tea for two? We’ll show you how to have a fun tea party for all your birthday guests. Children, especially little girls, enjoy the elegance of dressing up in pretty clothes and acting all “grown up”. From the tiny cups and saucers, to the enchanting miniature cakes, fancy cookies and decorative sandwiches – Organise a tea party to bring out that lady-like behaviour in your child.

Location & Decoration

  • Organise your tea party in your garden. An indoor tea party works just as well.


  • For tea party invitations, write out your message on a pale yellow or pink paper, fold it in half and seal it with a sticker, preferably of a tea cup, or one of the ingredients that go into making a tea cup.
  • Tea party invitations are also often available in the children’s section at a bookstore or even a toy and activities store.


  • Baloons can be tied in bunches on three and tied to the backs of chairs or near the tea table.
  • A canopy can be formed over the center of the tea table using coloured streamers. Streamers should cascade from a bow in the middle to the sides of the room.
  • Set up and area for dolls or stuffed animals on a quilt or picnic blanket. Having miniature tea cups or plates for the dolls and bears will add to the effect.


  • Tea time gossip is a great game to play when all the guests are sitting down to tea. Have the birthday child think of a message and whisper it to the guest sitting next to her, and the guest then whispers into the next guests ear. The last person tells the message out loud. The birthday girl must announce what she really said, and you will see how the final message gets mixed up. This activity is a sure shot way of bringing giggles from the whole tea party!
  • With a bowl full of candy placed on the table, as the children to take some string and make jewellery out of the candy and strings. An adult will be required to help pierce holes into the candies.
  • Before the party, collect inexpensive beads, rings, hair clips, etc. Hide these items around the house and them ask the kids to go on a treasure hunt.

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