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Singing Wine Glass Experiment

Experiments | 8-12 yrs | Video


  • A wine glass
  • Water


Pour some water in the wine glass, till it is more than halfway full. Dip your finger in the water and rotate it to make sure it is completely wet. Now, rub the rim of the glass well, a few times, with your wet finger.

Try filling different levels of water and see what happens. You could even line up some wine glasses and make sounds from them in succession, to hear the varying noises. In case your parents won’t let you use wine glasses, you can use ordinary transparent glasses too.


This happens because when your finger rubs along the rim, a stick and slide action occurs. This action occurs in very short lengths and produces vibrations.

These vibrations cause the crystals in the glass to rub against each other, therefore producing a sound.

TRY THIS Do this experiment with a wine glass. You will find out what happens.

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