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Shark Attack

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Sharks aren’t so bad… Follow me to hawaii!

Hello Everyone! I’m Sam and I love exploring the world. And I love taking selfies on my expeditions. I love the color green, which is why my diving goggles are green!

Where am I you ask? Right now, I’m deep diving in Hawaii. There are 40 species of sharks around the Hawaiian islands. The white-tip reef, sandbar, scalloped hammerhead and the tiger shark are the more commonly spotted ones.

Sharks feature prominently in Hawaiian mythology. These guys also have many shark gods and sport shark tattoos on their bodies as a mark of respect for the sharks.

What’s that behind me?? It’s a shark! Although, not all sharks attack humans – there are hardly 3 or 4 shark bites per year in the Hawaiian waters, and not all of them are fatal. Even so, I do not indent to become the 4th meal here today. The tiger shark is one of the most aggressive and are notoriously dangerous, second only to the great whites in biting humans.

Tiger sharks hunt fish and animals that have been swept out to sea. Sharks have amazing noses and can track the scent of blood as well urine. So mind you don’t pee in this pool!

This guy is smiling but he sure looks scary!!! Those teeth! Somebody tell him I’m just a tourist here!

Now I know why the Hawaiians have Shark Gods. I myself feel like praying to the shark behind me to let me get away safely.

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