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Scrubber Flowers

Craft Ideas | 6-8 yrs | look and take

How to make Scrubber Flowers

Learn how to make you own Scrubber flowers with the help of our step by step craft lesson for kids.

Instructions –

Step 1: First print out the Flower Template on A4 Size Paper. Trace flower on a scrubber sheet and cut out.
Step 2: On a green scrubber shape draw a leaf shape and cut out.
Step 3: See reference image and paste scrubber Flower on straw.
Step 4: Create 9 to10 colorful scrubber Flower and display in a Flower pot.

Materials –

  • Scissors 1
  • Glue drop 1
  • Kitchen use scrubber di erent color 4 to 6
  • Straw 3 to 5
  • Marker pen 3
  • Flowers Drawing shape Template on A4 Size Paper

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