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6 Unsolved Science Mysteries

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

Unsolved Mysteries of the World

  1. In the Earth’s outer core, there is liquid iron. Its motion generates a magnetic field. Every few hundred thousand years, the poles interchange. How? Why? We don’t know.
  2. The Wow! Signal – Jerry Ehman, while working for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence in 1977, got a 72 second signal from the constellation Sagittarius. No one knows who sent the signal.
  3. Death Valley in California – The place is a big patch of dry earth. Stones somehow manage to slide on this dry earth surface by themselves.
  4. A pure and 300 years old aluminum wedge was found in Transylvania, in 1975. Aluminum is always found mixed with other elements. This wedge was found before 1885(when aluminum started being produced).
  5. Scientists unearthed an iron screw inserted in a rock in Moscow, in 1998. This screw was probably 320 million years old, but at that time, not even dinosaurs existed.
  6. Arkansas witnessed tons of dead black birds falling from the sky, in 2012. No one knows why this happened. Tens of thousands of fish also died in that place, that year.

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