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Panchatantra: The Mice and The Elephants
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Panchatantra: The Mice and The Elephants

Panchatantra Stories | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

A long time ago, some mice lived happily in a colony in the forest. There was a big lake located near their colony. Once, a herd of elephants visited the lake for drinking water. On their way to the lake, the elephants trampled many small mice under their heavy feet. After that they started coming to the lake every week. Whenever they came, they killed many mice by walking over them. Due to this, the population of the mice was getting affected.

The king of mice decided to meet the chief of the elephants with their problem. The king of the mice went to the chief of those elephants and requested him to take an alternative route to the lake. The chief of the elephants was very kind hearted. He accepted the request of the mice and asked the other elephants to find another way to reach the lake.
The king of mice thanked the chief and said, “Dear Sir, We are indeed very grateful to you. We also promise to help you in the hour of your need.” The elephant chief laughed on hearing this and said,” You mice are too small to help giants like us. But still, many thanks for your offer.”

One day a group of elephant-hunters came in the forest and trapped the elephants in big and strong nets. The elephants struggled hard to free themselves, but were not successful. A small mouse who was passing from there saw the elephants helplessly trapped in the nets and ran to inform his king. The mice king immediately took some of his strongest mice with him to rescue the herd. The mice quickly nibbled the thick net from various places, making it loose enough to set the elephants free. The chief of the elephants apologised to the king of mice for what he had said and thanked him for the great help he had rendered.

Dear children, that is why it is said that we must never underestimate anyone. We must always try and help each other, because a good turn deserves the other. The elephants helped the mice and the mice also repaid the debt.

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