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Panchatantra: How Monkeys Got Their Red Bottoms

Panchatantra Stories | 3-12 yrs | Animation, Video

Once upon a time, there was a village called Dancing. A group of young girls and boys lived in that village. Every night after dinner, they would light a fire and dance around it.

One evening a monkey came to the dance, wearing smart clothes and a stylish hat. He came and sat in a corner on a stone. No one recognised that he was a monkey. He also played melodious music with his drums.

Every night, the monkey would come and play and the girls dance with him happily. The girls loved him more each day. They also started showering him with gifts. One of them gave him a ring, the other gave him cookies

The boys were extremely jealous, as the attention of all the girls was always focused on the monkey.

“Who is this new fellow and what is he doing in our village?” the boys asked one another, and decided to keep a close eye on him. That night they watched him quietly from a distance.

The boys simply could not believe their eyes when they saw that the person the girls loved so much was a monkey in reality. It had a hairy body and a long tail.

That night the guys laughed their hearts out and finally slept peacefully.

The boys decided to play a prank on the monkey. They burnt some wood and put it around the stone where the monkey sat every day, and covered it with leaves.

Like every evening the monkey came and sat on its usual place, only this time it did not feel the same. “OOOUUUUCHHHH!” screamed the monkey and jumped up from its seat. The hot stone had burnt his bottom through his pants. The monkey jumped into a bucket full of water to comfort himself.

But it was too late. The monkey had already left the village to never come back.

Ever since, monkeys have had red bottoms.

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