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Mullah Nasruddin at Tea Shop

Mullah Nasruddin Stories | 7-9 yrs | Video, Animation

Mullah Nasruddin was sitting at his favourite tea shop and having his daily tea.

A twelve years old boy, came running through the door, and went directly towards the Mullah and knocked his beautiful cap off his head. The mischievous boy ran away, leaving Mullah surprised. Mullah Nasruddin remained quiet about the boy’s prank. He picked up his cap, and put it back on.

The next day, the same thing happened again. Mullah didn’t react this time either. Although this happened several times, Mullah Nasruddin remained unaffected. The boy thought his prank was amusing and repeated it daily. Mullah would patiently dust his cap and put it back on, every time.

One day, Mullah’s friend questioned him about the daily incident. “Why don’t you punish that naughty boy? He is behaving so badly with you. How can you not get angry?”

“It is useless,” Mullah replied.

One day, Mullah reached the tea shop a bit late. When he reached there, he saw a tall, well built soldier sitting at his favourite place already. Wishing to avoid trouble, Mullah sat on another chair.

In a while, the mischievous boy appeared and ran straight to Mullah’s usual place. He knocked his cap off his head and started to run away. The poor unfortunate boy, in his hurry didn’t realise that it was the soldier and not Mullah Nasruddin, having tea. The soldier spilt his tea and got angry. He caught and lifted him.

Mullah Nasruddin turned to his friend and said, “Now, do you understand, why I was patient?”

It’s always better to Wait for the right time!

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