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Light and Shadow Experiment

Experiments | 7-12 yrs | Video


  • A torch
  • A book
  • A cup
  • A glass
  • A dark room


In a dark room, take an object and place it near the wall. Shine a torch against the object. Put different objects one by one and shine the torch to see the varying effects. What happens when you place a book? Or a tea cup? Or a glass? Can you think why these shadows differ?


The cup and the book are opaque and so these stop the spread of light.

The glass being transparent allows the light to pass through.


Do this experiment with Light and Shadow. You will find out what happens. You can find out more about Refraction in a glass of water by watching our video on that topic. Do you know how rainbows are formed? They also have to do with light. What else can you think of that is influenced by light? How long does it take light to travel from the sun to us?

For more such science experiments and articles, visit https://mocomi.com/learn/science/